orwellian taught

by eandee

I find it really bizzare how in today’s world using your body, in the way it was ment to be used, has become a source of entertainment for others.

So if you choose to move or train by jumping, running, climbing, rolling and other perfectly natural movements that constitute the main reason for which your bones, articulations and in general all of the anatomical structures that combined form you, were shaped and assembled in certain way, you’re a freak and should expect people to gather around and stare. But on the contrary: lifting a single weight for no purpose at all, over and over again (not that I have anything against bodybuilders, I love moving weights) or running on a moving surface while staying on the same spot is considered perfectly normal and civilized.

But then again “a gentleman never runs” right? Of course he doesen’t, probably he couldn’t even if he wanted to; people shamelessly drag around their atrophied bodys with horrible posture trying to minimise even the smallest effort by using their cars, escalators, elevators and whatnot.

The funniest part? After all this, in search of a certain aesthetic physique, they resort to the same type of complex and weird contraptions performing movements that have almost no use in day to day life, and artificially obtained supplements or even worse, they mess up with different hormone levels in their body. Everything just to build their dream figure that has no purpose other than fooling others because the way they’re living does not require such a body.

But how about climbing a wall or jumping from a height in case you are caught in a fire or you want to save someone that is, maybe jump over a fence if a dog or an attacker is chasing you and why not be able to jog the entire length of your city at a speed that for others is sprint-like, in case you ever need to? Do you know how to throw a punch? Block one? Swim efficiently?  Most probabily not.

Cheers for the residency janitors staring while I was practicing my splits today for inspiring me to write this.